Tel; 01904 400153 Mob; 07831 304467
Tel; 01904 400153    Mob; 07831 304467

Stubble to stubble


We can provide a full or part stubble to stubble service from ploughing through to combining GPS available when ever needed.  Also contract/ share farming and FBT's taken on.

  • Ploughing with 5 furrow dowswell plough heavy furrow press available
  • 3m sumo trio for min till conditions - stubble to seed bed in one pass seeder avalilable for oil seed rape ect
  • Discing with Kuhn 4.8 m heavy discs
  • Flatlifting with Spaldings 3 flatlifter
  • Power harrowing with 3m and 4m Kuhn power harrows
  • Combination drilling, tractor equipped with front mounted press and wide tyres
  • Cambridge rolling
  • Fertilizer spreading with Kuhn 12m / 24m spreader

  • Spraying with 12m / 24m agri buggie

  • Slug pelleting with ATV

  • Combining with Claas Lexion 570+ complete with caff spreader and side knife for oil seed rape.

Rape / small seeds drilling using Sumo trio drill

Using a sumo trio fitted with a sumoseeder we can drill a large variety of small seed like rape or mustard in one pass. It is fitted with adjustable seed outlets allowing band or full width application, and radar controlled speed measurement to ensure accurate and even seed placement, the seed outlets are fitted in line with the subsoiler legs so that the crop can get good root establishment, but in front of the multipacka to get good soil contact

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