Tel; 01904 400153 Mob; 07831 304467
Tel; 01904 400153    Mob; 07831 304467

Circular saw blade hedge cutting

 A heavy duty 0.9m single blade saw head capable of cutting the toughest of wood upto 1ft diameter, we can cut over grown hedges and trees (up to 1ft wide) that are to big to be flailed. The saws provides a clean cut which helps for excellent re-growth. The saws can be mounted on a 360 degree tracked digger or /and a 8m reach hedge cutter. Tracked 360 degree diggers, wheeled loaders equipped with heavy duty grabs, tractors and trailers and road bush available to clean and heap up debris.


Flail hedge cutting service also provided with two machines one 8m and one 7m reach, can be equipped with front mounted road bush

Excavator Mounted tree shears

The tree shears provide a safer operation when cutting hedges near roads or delicate areas as the debris is cut and held the enable it to be dropped in a suitable place

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