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Land Drain Jetting and Drainage

Land Drain Jetting

Land drain jetting is essential for drainage to keep working in optimal condition. This is because your drainpipe may become blocked with clay, sand, ingrown roots and iron oxide, resulting in a higher groundwater level. This can cause the condition of your soil to deteriorate. Regular drain cleaning will keep your soil in good condition, and this in turn is reflected in the quality of your crops and your yield.

Our professional land drain jetter can clean, clay, sand and other debris from blocked drains. We have a range of different nozzles and nozzle guides to maximise the machines productivity. Our drain jetter is equipped with 500m of pipe to reduce the amount of holes to be dug . We can supply a range of diggers to find and/ or repair them. Water tankers and water pumps available to work alongside the jetter.

land drain jetting
drain tracking

Drain Tracking

Using an electronic device that we fit to our land drain jetter to enable us to pinpoint the blockage, therefore saves time digging, and helps when linking new drains in. We also use this when customers don't have drainage plans and like to record where their drains are for future reference.

Trenching machine

We have an Aft 100 tractor mounted trencher for laying new drains and utilities that will dig up to a depth of 1.6m, and a width from 125mm to 300mm, it is fitted with automatic laser gradient and a pipe reel to automatically lay the pipe into the trench. This is attached to a tractor with constantly variable transmission to make the process as fast as possible. The trencher can also be used to lay electric cables and water pipes. We can supply a range of diggers and a gravel cart to run along the trencher.

Excavator mounted trencher also available suited to trenching utilities, and hard to reach to areas.

Excavation Work

We have a range of 360 degree diggers and can cater for most jobs. All our diggers have a range of attachments (grabs/buckets) and laser level available for precise digging work. Dumpers, rollers, tractors and trailers to move any spoil or materials.

Services Includes

• Tracks and yards constructed and maintained
• Land drain investigation and repairs
• Ditch and pond cleaning and digging
• Hedge + tree removal and reducing
• Muck loading
• Groundworks
• Horse arenas

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