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Contracting Services

Baling and Grass Services

Complete or part operations carried out with high output machinery, GPS available when ever needed.We can make a variety of bale sizes, also we have bale wrappers and everything in-between to complete a full or part service.

We blow all harvest equipment off on a daily basis with a 250 cubic feet a minute industrial compressor to minimise the risk of spreading black grass and other contaminants, this also reduces the risk of fires.

Round Baling and Round Bale Wrapping

We have a V6750 and V660 Mchale high density variable diameter round balers available. Both equipped with choppers with up to 15 knives.

To wrap the bales we use 2 McHale HS2000 bale wrappers; these wrappers are usually towed behind each baler but can be towed behind the tractor in the field or at the stack. When wrapping at the stack a remote control can be used to operate the wrapper from the loader seat. Each bale wrapper can be equipped with a bale inverter which tips the bales onto there end where there is more plastic which reduces the risk of the stubble punchering the bale, it also makes it easier stacking bales if you are stacking them upright, and if baling on a gradient the bales are less likely to roll.

baling tractor
square baling

Square Baling

We run 3 square balers varying in width and adjustable length from 1.2m to 2.4m

• New Holland 9050 80cmx70cm Complete with a packer cutter and moisture meter. We use this baler for our own haylage for horses, but also have customers that like this size bale for bedding pens.
• Massey ferguson 2260 120cm/70cm (quadrant) fitted with bale weigh, and moisture meter
• Massey Ferguson 2170xd 120cmx90cm.
This baler is a extreme high density baler complete with 3 banks of knifes if needed, bale weigh, and moisture meter

Large Square Bale Wrapping

Square bale wrapping is available with a McHale 998 wrapper capable of putting 4 to 12 layers of plastic and it has a function to put extra layers of plastic on the corners of the bales. This wrapper will wrap all large square bales and can wrap two quadrant size bales stacked on top of each other.

Grass Cutting

With two Kuhn 6m mower conditioners, front and trailed back combinations


Tedding with Kuhn 13m 12 rotor tedder and 10 rotor 10.8m Kuhn tedder. We like kuhn tedders as we have found with their smaller rotors they make a much more unified spread pattern. Often other makes tend to wind row the grass when it is getting dry.


Raking with 2 Kuhn twin rotor 8.2m rakes or 4.8m Kuhn single rotor rake.


Topping with 7.2m hydraulic folding Major cyclone shredder, the Major cyclone is suited to everything from rough set a slide to grazing pastures. But is ideal for topping wild bird cover and stewardship schemes.

We also have 3 m flail topper front and rear mounted, normally used for roadsides and tracks.

grass cutting
muck spreading


Two 18 ton K two evo muck spreaders Both complete with wide spinning decks. Wide tyres and slurry doors can spread a variety of materials up to 18m. GPS available if needed. Competitive hourly rate or price given for hole job

Muck loading

• 145hp JCB TM320s telescopic loading shovel
• 125hp Jcb telescopic loader
• JCB 15 ton tracked excavator with large bucket or fork manly used for slurry lagoons or wet/ bad loading muck heaps

Stubble to Stubble

We can provide a full or part stubble to stubble service from ploughing through to combining GPS auto steer is used on the majority of all land work to cut down on fuel and chemical usage. Contract/ share farming and FBT's taken on.

• Ploughing with 5 furrow dowswell plough heavy furrow press available
• 3m sumo trio for min till conditions - stubble to seed bed in one pass seeder available for small seeds
• Discing with Kuhn 4.8 m heavy discs complete with press ring packer
• Flat Lifting with Spaldings 3 leg flat lifter
• Power harrowing with 3m and 4m Kuhn power harrows
• Combination drilling, with hydraulic folding kuhn combi drill, equipped with double disc coulters and press wheel. Front mounted tank for improved weight distribution.
• Cambridge rolling
• Fertiliser spreading with Kuhn 40.1 EMC W 12m / 24m /36m spreader complete with variable rate mapping, GPS auto shut off in 1 m sections and weight cells both on the complete machine and through the discs.
• Spraying with Bateman 12m / 24m / 36m 3000l sprayer, complete with auto steer and auto shut off on each nozzle.
• Slug pelleting with ATV
• Combining with Claas Lexion 570+ 448hp 25ft vario header complete with chaff spreader and side knife for oil seed rape.

farm tractor
harvest tractor

Rape / Small seeds drilling using Sumo trio drill

Using a sumo trio fitted with a sumo seeder we can drill a large variety of small seed like rape, stubble turnips, or mustard in one pass. It is fitted with adjustable seed outlets allowing band or full width application, and radar controlled speed measurement to ensure accurate and even seed placement, the seed outlets are fitted in line with the subsoiler legs so that the crop can get good root establishment, but in front of the multipacker to get good soil contact

Miscellaneous Services

• Topping
• Hedge cutting and reducing
• Slurry tanker work
• Tractors complete with bale, dump, low loader or root trailers
• Telescopic Loader work complete with lifting jib, road bush, bale handlers, man basket, bucket, and muck grab

grass topping
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