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Tel; 01904 400153    Mob; 07831 304467

Baling and grass services

Complete or part operations carried out with high output machinery, GPS available when ever needed.We can make a verity of bale sizes, from conventional bales through to quadrant bales, also we have bale wrappers and everything in-between to complete a full or part service.

We blow all harvest equipment off on a daily basis in a large industrial compressor  to minimize the risk of spreading black grass etc.

Round baling and round bale wrapping

We have 2 high density round balers available equipped with choppers with up to 15 knives. To wrap the bales we use 2 McHale HS2000 bale wrappers these can be towed behind each baler or towed behind the tractor / at the stack. Each bale wrapper can be equipped with a bale inverter which tips the bales onto there end where there is more plastic which reduces the risk of the stubble punchering the bale, it also makes it easier stacking bales if you are stacking them upright, and if baling on a gradient the bales are less likely to roll.  

Square baling


  • Massey Ferguson 2170xd chopper 120cmx90cm this baler is a extreme high density baler complete with 3 banks of knifes if needed, bale weigh, and moisture meter
  • New Holland 9050 80cmx70cm complete with packer cutter and moisture meter
  • Massey feruson 2260 120cm/70cm fitted with bale weigh, and moisture meter

Large square bale wrapping

Square bale wrapping is available with a McHale 998 wrapper capable of putting 4 to 12 layers of plastic on. This wrapper will wrap all large sqaure bales and can wrap two quadrant size bales stacked ontop of each other

Conventional baling

Conventional baling service available with full flat 8 bale system

Grass cutting

With two Kuhn 6m mower conditioners front and back combinations


Tedding with  8 kuhn rotor tedder and 10 rotor 13m claas tedder


Raking with twin rotor 8m rake or 4.8m single rotor rake

Flail topping

Topping with 3 m flail topper

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